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Quant Torrent Free Download is a riddle game developed by Eric Farmer and published by Bulkypix. The game was released in 2012 for ios and android devices. People in Quant are required to manipulate mathematical shapes in order to solve puzzles and produce particular trends. The gameplay features minimalist graphics and a relaxing music, creating a distinct and interactive puzzle experience.

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Free Access Computer Quantitative Crack

In Quant Crack Download revolves around manipulating geometrical forms to make certain designs. Each puzzle in the game, which is played on a grid, gives the players an assortment of shapes as well as the goal pattern. Gamers must manipulate the shapes to meet the destination design, using a variety of tools and techniques.

One of the vital functions of Quant is its minimalist architecture. The tournament’s graphics are simple qbittorrent free download and clear, with muted tones and standard styles. People can concentrate on the puzzle mechanics and challenges thanks to this style decision without getting sidetracked by unnecessary visual elements.

Another remarkable have of Quant is its relaxing music. The game features a relaxing, external soundtrack that enhances the tournament’s simple layout and creates a calming atmosphere. This music is a crucial part of the game’s overall experience, and helps to make the game think unique and spectacular.

Quant Download Full Game

Quant Download Latest Version are hard and different, with a wide range of problems levels and puzzle types. While some puzzles call for participants to move designs around a network in order to achieve particular objectives, others call in player manipulation of shapes to produce particular patterns. The match also features bonus levels, which offer more challenges and rewards for skilled players.

In addition to its base puzzle game, Quant furthermore features a number of further types and characteristics. These include a time trial style, which challenges gamers to perfect mysteries as quickly as possible.
And a mindfulness mode, which allows gamers to relax and play the sport without any time limits or strain. The game also includes a worldwide scoreboard, allowing people to assess their values and accomplishment with different players around the world.

Quant Torrent Download Free is a unique and interesting puzzler gameplay that offers a simple architecture, calm soundtrack, and challenging gameplay. Its simple but effective concepts make it a wonderful choice for players who enjoy puzzle games. While its variety of modes and characteristics ensure that there is always someone new and engaging to investigate. If you’re looking for a relaxing, interactive puzzler sport that will challenge your head and help you decompress, Quant is surely worth checking out.


    Minimalist Design: Quant Download For windowpane features a minimalist style that allows athletes to focus on the puzzles without being distracted by unneeded visible elements. The show’s pictures are simple and clear, with muted colours and simple designs.

  • Challenging Puzzles: The game’s puzzles are diverse and hard, with a range of issues levels and riddle types. Some riddles require athletes to control forms to produce specific patterns. While others require players to walk shapes around a network to reach a specific target.
  • Soothing Soundtrack: Free Quant Download features a relaxing, ambient music that enhances the game’s minimalist layout and creates a calming atmosphere. The show’s nevertheless encounter depends heavily on the soundtrack, which contributes to its distinctive and memorable feel.
  • Variety of modes and Features: In addition to its main puzzler play, Quant furthermore features a variety of further forms and capabilities. These include a time trial setting, a acid method, and a world scoreboard.
  • Touchscreen Controls: The match is designed to be played using tablet regulates, making it easy and intuitive to play on wireless tools.
  • Replay Value: With a wide range of complexity amounts and puzzle types, as well as benefit levels and extra modes, Quant offers loads of record benefit for players who enjoy puzzle games.

Technique specifications


  • ios 8.0 or afterwards
  • iphone, ipad, and ipod reach compatibility
  • requires a 64-bit computer
  • Sizing: 48.9 Mebibyte


  • Iphone 4.0.3 or higher
  • Requires 1 Gb of ram
  • Size: 17 Kb






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